Investment Strategies

The advisors of Sutherland Campbell Tax & Financial Services can draw on a wide range of resources and investments to help build a personalized portfolio for you. After developing your strategy, we can match your needs to the appropriate resources, all within a unified custodial platform, on a fee or commission basis.

When you look for a trusted partner to manage your investments there are three major areas of importance:

Independence and Objectivity

We manage portfolios based on our clients’ needs, not on firm-mandated strategies. In constructing a portfolio, we evaluate the full scope of investments to uncover those that reflect your short- and long-term financial needs.


Our investment management system is founded on the idea that capability and experience are the keys to investment success. All too often, we witness investors pursuing strategies that, while steeped in "good intention," lack the kind of investment experience often enjoyed by large institutional investors. While we believe that all investment management relationships must be borne in an environment of trust, objectivity and we conclude that these conditions serve only as the backdrop for sound investment advice.

At the forefront of our approach is a team of investment managers who possess impressive credentials, substantial research capabilities and long records of experience. We hope that through closer scrutiny you will gain the comfort and confidence which comes from knowing that your investments are being guided by prominent and knowledgeable investment managers in our industry.


Our goal is for you to have financial independence. In choosing your investment partner you will find that we will listen to you and respond to your needs. Personal attention is fundamental to our client relationships. Regular communication is a priority so that we may accurately assess our clients’ needs, monitor performance and adapt our strategies accordingly. Most important, you can call on us at any time.