Wealth Management

Sutherland Campbell Tax & Financial Servicesí wealth management offers you a commanding view of your assets and an integrated strategic outlook. We include all your financial data - brokerage accounts, individual investments, mortgages, credit information, trusts, retirement, and banking accounts - in a single, unified platform, providing you with an outlook on your complete financial position. We also provide retrieval of key documents such as income tax returns, insurance policies, or estate planning documents. This brings cohesiveness and confidence to what can often be an overwhelming array of financial data, and builds a firm foundation for future action.

We start with in-depth data gathering and analysis, to develop a thorough understanding of your personal goals, objectives, and current financial position. Our process includes personal interviews, document review, and direct integration of on-line data from your various accounts into our platform.

We work with you to clearly articulate your priorities. From there, we establish specific performance metrics which we use to fine-tune your wealth management strategy.

With a clear view of where you stand, you can plan for the future from a position of informative strength.

Whether your needs include investment strategies, education planning, family wealth management, tax planning, retirement planning, or trust and estate management, the advisors of Sutherland Campbell Tax & Financial Services have the experience and relationships to offer products and services tailored to your situation.

Most importantly, we take great pride in developing strong professional and personal relationships with our clients. Ours is a personal commitment to you, your family, and your vision for the future.